Training kung fu gets your body and mind in shape.  You also develop and hone a skill- something time in a gym cannot produce.  A skill that when activated could save your body, save your child, and save your life.  There should be no misconception of what training martial arts can do for a woman.  

Unfortunately, this skill cannot be willed.  In an extreme situation, our body needs to not freeze in inaction but move powerfully, with exacting control, not manipulated by others.  We need to be intelligent, efficient, unaffected, powerful, and successful.  To achieve this in an “extreme” situation, we work to achieve this on a day to day basis- learning to be confident, independent, and successful in our daily lives.

Ving Tsun Kung Fu is named after a woman.  Through this system, a smaller framed person can defeat a larger, stronger attacker.  It is technology designed by experts over thousands of years that applies in protecting life- not for sport or ruled fighting tournaments.

At the Moy Tung Kung Fu Academy, we teach Ving Tsun, today, as passed down by previous generations.  The Woman’s Program is designed for a student to excel efficiently.  It provides a focused, working environment that will impact and resonate in yourself and others.  

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