Are You Looking for CrossFit or Results?

By BeeBee Bartell | August 10, 2017

You are probably asking questions like

  • What is a CrossFit workout?
  • Is CrossFit good to lose weight?
  • What are the benefits of doing CrossFit?
  • Where can I find CrossFit near me?

The real question is: “What will give me the results I want?”

  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Endurance
  • Mobility
  • Interest
  • Weightloss
  • Excitement
  • Feeling Good

Ving Tsun results

Like CrossFit, Ving Tsun will push you to achieve a higher level of health and fitness. Increase your strength and mobility while learning a practical skill. Learn how to defend yourself and become stronger, more balanced, and more focused in all aspects of your life.

Have something to be proud of

We all want to feel good and look good- to walk confidently and comfortably through a crowd. To be proud of our body and it’s abilities. But, we know it doesn’t just happen, and that it takes time and effort. Putting in the time and choosing to apply yourself boosts your overall health and being proud of the results just naturally follows. Choosing to do Ving Tsun, will give strength to your body and mind and will lead to a heightened level of confidence and awareness of your own body and it’s capability.

Spend time, money and energy wisely

Life happens. And, as we get older, our list of to-dos and priorities continuously grow. So we get smarter- choosing to do things that are efficient while matching our priorities. When choosing an activity to do for health reasons, consider something that will also develop a skill. In Ving Tsun, mental and physical fitness will be achieved all while developing a skill that could protect yourself, protect your family. Think about it. Get more bang for your buck, time, and energy. There’s no price to being able to protect yourself and your family in a situation that calls for it, so prepare yourself.

Earn fitness and maintain fitness

Health is at the top of the list of importance for most people. Without health, how can you excel in sports, keep up with your kids, or prevent certain nasty diseases? Optimal fitness can be achieved through consistent moderate to intense workouts. But you don’t want to just achieve fitness now, you want to maintain a high level of fitness as you get older. Ving Tsun workouts clearly get your body in peak physical and mental condition, but what is key to Ving Tsun training is that risk of injury is less. If you aren’t saddled with an injury, you can continue to work towards maintaining your desired level of fitness for years to come. Ving Tsun is not a high impact martial art, meaning, there are no jumps or high kicks so you can truly carry your fitness and better yet, fighting ability with you until old age.

Accomplish something challenging

Challenge yourself. Push yourself. Frustrate yourself. See and feel your progress using yourself and your individual body as a gauge of improvement. There’s no need to compare yourself to others- you’ll be your most challenging opponent. So take the step and try something new.

You mention it, but what is Ving Tsun exactly?

Ving Tsun is a powerful, efficient, and functional martial art that has been battlefield tested and refined over hundreds of years. The need for your body to have the ability to protect itself may not be required as it was back then, but even to this day, we know that threat still persists. Through Ving Tsun training, you push your body’s physical and mental fitness level in a way that does not compromise or injure your body. While challenging yourself and getting fit, the training method ingrains your physique with techniques that become natural, powerful reflexes that work for your specific body. You become in tune with your body, how it works, and what you are capable of which translates into a profound level of confidence. When you spend your time, effort and money training Ving Tsun, many benefits occur, such as: health, balance, mobility, stress relief, focus, and confidence. Most importantly, however, you develop a skill, that is not reliant on age, gender, or body type, and that’s just plain comforting to have in your back pocket for emergency situations.

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