Wing Chun Round Rock

By Nic Bartell | September 10, 2018

Live in Round Rock Texas? Looking for Wing Chun Classes?

Authentic Wing Chun Kung Fu

We teach the complete Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) Kung Fu System. Using the methods that have been passed down through the generations of our lineage, we guide students through the entire program to help them gain a true understanding of Ving Tsun principles, practices, and methodologies.

The Fun Stuff

  • Learn the Entire Wooden Dummy
  • Close Quarters Combat
  • The Fabled One Inch Punch
  • Chi Sao

The Basics

  • Distance Awareness
  • Balance
  • Power and Structure
  • Relaxation Under Pressure

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Beginners Welcome

Wing Chun is designed to quickly teach students with no martial arts background how to defend themselves in the street. Whether you come from an experienced martial arts background or are a complete novice, we teach the Ving Tsun system at a level that is appropriate for the individual student. We guide students through the system at a pace that matches their individual progress. You do not have to be flexible or athletic to learn Ving Tsun; the techniques and methods we teach work for individuals of all backgrounds and body types.

Adult-Centric Classes

There are a number of Kung Fu schools in the Round Rock area, but most of them are geared toward teaching children and young teens. Our program is designed for adults that want to learn real Wing Chun and get in better physical condition. Our school is not your typical kung fu school with an 85% enrollment of kids. Our Adult program is our main program and in fact it is our only program. If you are looking for a school where you can focus on training and developing real kung fu, look no further.

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Save Time, Avoid Austin Traffic

Learn how to fight people not traffic. We are conveniently located off of I-35 minutes north of Round Rock. Our school is about 4 miles north of Round Rock; click on the map below to get directions and see how close we are to you.

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