Our Programs

Men's Program

What Our Program is About Let there be no mistake, nothing is more relaxing than knowing that you have the ability to come out ahead in a fight. We teach students how to develop their minds and bodies to support that goal, so that they can be more relaxed and comfortable in everything that they do. The end result is instinctual fighting ability that will be there when you need it.

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Daytime Program

What Our Program is About Above all else Ving Tsun training is about weaponizing the human body, being able to end fights quickly and walk away in one piece. There is a sense of power and calmness that comes from being able to handle any situation and once our basic need for physical safety has been met, it creates the space for us to focus on what’s in front of us and what’s truly important.

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Women's Program

What Our Program is About Training kung fu gets your body and mind in shape. You also develop and hone a skill- something time in a gym cannot produce. A skill that when activated could save your body, save your child, and save your life. There should be no misconception of what training martial arts can do for a woman. Unfortunately, this skill cannot be willed. In an extreme situation, our body needs to not freeze in inaction but move powerfully, with exacting control, not manipulated by others.

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