Spirit of a Fighter

By Libbi | August 2, 2017

Never in a million years would I have thought I’d be studying the art of Wing Chun (yep, I still spell it the ‘Merican way). Marital arts was a tiny blip on my radar, except in the movies. But, my interest in martial arts grew - particularly in Wing Chun and its history, fact and lore.

Feeling fat-n-frumpy at 51, I walked into the Georgetown school and met with BeeBee Hu, now my Simo. She gave me an introductory lesson and talked about the lineage of Wing Chun. A little-known martial art compared to others, Wing Chun training is quiet, thoughtful - and fierce. While we don’t practice roundhouse kicks or fly across rooftops, we perform drills with a partner to build muscle memory and turn Wing Chun techniques into instinct.

Wing Chun is self-defense but that’s just the beginning. To defend, you must fight back. You must fight back with confidence and skill. You must be able to render an attacker useless. My Simo and Sifu both teach the most efficient and effective way to block, strike, trap hands, kick and more to counter an attacker’s moves in multiple scenarios.

If you’ve not heard of Wing Chun, you’ve seen it. You’ve seen it if you’ve watched a Bruce Lee movie. Anderson Silva incorporates Wing Chun in the Octagon.

I’m still 51 but I no longer feel fat-n-frumpy. I feel respected - by myself. My training at Moy Tung Kung Fu Academy has given me confidence and motivation to explore other interests I had never imagined.

I’m still ‘young’ in training. I won’t start a fight, but I won’t run if I’m threatened. I now have the spirit of a fighter.

Simo, Sifu and the other students all help me walk a little more confidently. I am very grateful.